How to say ‘ice cream’ in French? How do you pronounce it?

Have you ever wondered why your ice cream seems to be melting even when it is stored in the freezer?

Well, while I cannot help you with that problem, I can certainly help you with something related to ice cream that is equally important – knowing how to say it in French!

In this blog post, we will explore the French language and learn how to say “ice cream” and other related phrases correctly.

Ice cream is a beloved dessert that has captured the hearts and taste buds of people all over the world.

From its creamy texture to its various flavors, it is no surprise that it is one of the most popular desserts around.

However, if you’re trying to order some ice cream in French-speaking countries, you might be at a loss for words.

Fear not! I am here to help you out.

How to say “ice cream” in French? How do you pronounce it?

The French word for ice cream is “glace.” Here’s how to pronounce it:

  • The “g” is silent
  • The “l” is pronounced like “l” in “love”
  • The “a” is pronounced like “a” in “father”
  • The “c” is pronounced like “s”
  • The “e” at the end is also silent

You can listen to the correct pronunciation of “glace” here.

Is ice cream masculine or feminine in French?

In French, “glace” is a feminine noun. This means that when using it in a sentence, you will need to use feminine articles and adjectives. Here’s an example sentence:

  • J’aime manger une glace en été. (I like to eat ice cream in the summer.)

What is French ice cream called? What is French ice cream?

French ice cream is called “glace,” just like the word for ice cream in French. It is a popular dessert in France, and it has a rich history and cultural significance. In fact, the French are known for their love of desserts, and ice cream is no exception.

How to say “I want ice cream” in French?

If you want to order some ice cream in French, here’s the correct translation: “Je veux de la glace.” Here’s a breakdown of the pronunciation of each word:

  • Je (zhuh)
  • Veux (vuh)
  • De (duh)
  • La (lah)
  • Glace (glahss)

How to say “ice cream cone” in French?

If you’re looking to order an ice cream cone in French, you would say “cornet de glace.” Here’s a breakdown of the pronunciation of each word:

  • Cornet (kohr-nay)
  • De (duh)
  • Glace (glahss)

How to say “chocolate ice cream” and “strawberry ice cream” in French?

If you’re looking for a specific flavor of ice cream, here are the translations for “chocolate ice cream” and “strawberry ice cream” in French:

  • Chocolate ice cream – “glace au chocolat”
  • Strawberry ice cream – “glace à la fraise”

Here’s a breakdown of the pronunciation of each word:

  • Glace (glahss)
  • Au (oh)
  • Chocolat (shoh-koh-lah)
  • À (ah)
  • Fraise (frehz)

How to say “ice” and “cream” in different languages?

If you’re a lover of ice cream and you’re traveling abroad, it’s always helpful to know some basic vocabulary to help you find the nearest ice cream shop. Here are some translations for “ice” and “cream” in a few different languages:

  • Spanish: hielo (ice) and helado (ice cream)
    • Hielo: pronounced “ye-loh”
    • Helado: pronounced “eh-lah-doh”
  • German: Eis (ice) and Eiscreme (ice cream)
    • Eis: pronounced “ice”
    • Eiscreme: pronounced “ice-krahm-eh”
  • Italian: ghiaccio (ice) and gelato (ice cream)
    • Ghiaccio: pronounced “djaht-cho”
    • Gelato: pronounced “jeh-lah-toh”

How to say “ice-cream shop” in French?

If you’re in France, and you’re looking for an ice-cream shop, you’ll need to know the word “glacier.”

  • French: glacier (ice-cream shop)
    • Glacier: pronounced “glah-see-ay”

Knowing these basic words can make all the difference when you’re trying to navigate in a foreign country. Plus, being able to ask for ice cream in another language is a fun way to show off your language skills.

Can “glace” also mean “mirror” in French?

Yes, “glace” can also mean “mirror” in French. This can be confusing, so it’s important to pay attention to the context in which the word is being used.

  • Glace: pronounced “glahs”

Is “glaces” the plural of “glace”?

Yes, “glaces” is the plural of “glace.” For example, you might say “Je voudrais deux glaces s’il vous plaît” to ask for two ice creams.


Learning basic vocabulary in different languages is not only practical, but it can also be a fun way to immerse yourself in another culture.

Remember to pay attention to pronunciation, and don’t be afraid to practice speaking in a foreign language whenever you have the opportunity.

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