What does ‘hand dipped’ mean when it comes to ice cream?

“Hand-dipped” is a term commonly used in ice cream shops and parlors to describe a type of ice cream that is made by dipping a scoop of ice cream from a container with a metal scoop or spoon.

Hand-dipped ice cream is typically made in-house or sourced from a local dairy, and it is known for its creamy texture and rich flavor. The ice cream is usually kept in a large container that is kept at a very cold temperature to maintain its consistency.

When a customer orders a hand-dipped ice cream, the server will use a scoop or spoon to remove a scoop of ice cream from the container and place it in a cup or cone. The process is done by hand rather than by using a machine, which gives the ice cream a more authentic, old-fashioned feel.

Overall, hand-dipped ice cream is considered a premium product and is often more expensive than pre-packaged or soft-serve ice cream.

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